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CCNP Security is the evolved version of the CCSP certification and is configured specifically to the job profile of the Cisco Network Security Engineer. Over the coming year, CCNP Security will replace CCSP completely as Cisco’s professional level security certification for new candidates. The prerequisite for CCNP Security is

-640-553 Implementing Cisco IOS Network Security (IINS) exam

The papers for the new CCNP Security is as follows:

-642-637 SECURE v1.0 Secure v1.0 Securing Networks with Cisco Routers and Switches (SECURE v1.0)

-642-617 FIREWALL v1.0 Deploying Cisco ASA Firewall Solutions (FIREWALL v1.0)

-642-647 VPN v1.0 Deploying Cisco ASA VPN Solutions (VPN v1.0)

-642-627 IPS v7.0 Implementing Cisco Intrusion Prevention System v7.0 (IPS v7.0) – Available Nov. 26, 2010

The papers coming to end of life are as follows:

642-504 Last day to test: 08-04-2011 Securing Networks with Cisco Routers and Switches (SNRS)

642-524 Last day to test: 8-4-2011 Securing Networks with ASA Foundation (SNAF)

642-533 Last day to test: 31-5-2011 Implementing Cisco Intrusion Prevention System v6.0 (IPS v6.0)

642-515 SNAA Last day to test: 8-4- 2011 Securing Networks with ASA Advanced (SNAA)

CCVP was the professional level certification in the Voice track of Cisco Certifications. This has now been rechristened has CCNP – Voice. CCNP Voice validates advanced knowledge and skills required to integrate collaboration and voice applications into underlying computer network architectures. With the CCNP Voice certification, a Cisco voice network professional can create a collaboration solution that is transparent, scalable, manageable, and integrated within standard environments. Robust Design, meticulous implementation, smooth operation, detailed configuration, and of course last but not the least, expertise in troubleshooting issues in a converged Internet Protocol network are also included. With more and more emphasis on scaling collaboration work spaces, the new courses and exams allow voice professionals to provide easy to use mobile voice and global call access services for end users.

The prerequisite for CCNP-Voice is

CCNA- Voice: Introducing Cisco Voice and Unified Administration (ICOMM) v8.0 (Active from May

The CCNP- Voice now has only 5 papers namely

Implementing Cisco Voice Communications and QoS v8.0 (CVOICE v8.0)

Implementing Cisco Unified Communications Manager, Part 1 v8.0 (CIPT1 v8.0)

Implementing Cisco Unified Communications Manager, Part 2 v8.0 (CIPT2 v8.0)

Troubleshooting Cisco Unified Communications v8.0 (TVOICE v8.0)

Integrating Cisco Unified Communications Applications v8.0 (CAPPS v8.0)

The papers coming to the end of life are as follows:

642-436 CVOICE Last day to test 02-28-11 Cisco Voice over IP (CVOICE v6.0)

642-446 CIPT1 Last day to test 02-28-11 Implementing Cisco Unified Communications Manager Part 1 (CIPT1 v6.0)

642-456 CIPT2 Last day to test 02-28-11 Implementing Cisco Unified Communications Manager Part 2 (CIPT2 v6.0)

642-426 TUC Last day to test 02-28-11 Troubleshooting Cisco Unified Communications Systems (TUC v1.0)

642-642 QoS Last day to test 02-28-11 Quality of Service (QoS)

Ready for a new career in penetration testing.

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Backtrack Linux OS contain impressive tools for performing Penetration testing and configuring security one of the best Linux based security distribution.Penetration Testing is a term that has lost its meaning in the security community. Offensive Security is changing that. The market has seen a drastic turn for the worse as breaches occur even after a penetration test has been performed. It is even more important now in these times to ensure our assets are secure and your security staff is at their prime.

Understanding the attack vectors and having the advanced knowledge of the attacks is the only true way of ensuring that you will be prepared to withstand malicious attacks from hackers. While many courses offer defensive training for securing your networks, Offensive-Security bridges a serious gap.

Offsec teaches you from the ground up the latest cutting edge techniques utilized within the hacking community and builds your knowledge in a way that is clearly understandable and repeatable. Security constantly changes and evolves, understanding the offensive tactics used in a penetration test places you ahead of the majority of security professionals in the industry.

If you’re new to BackTrack, developing your own exploits, or learning how to defeat the latest security mechanisms in operating systems, Offensive-Security has the knowledge to take you to the next level. Offensive-Security is has a wide variety of courses to choose from including both online andlive information security training options. click here

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There is a very common virus today is the virus named itself as the autorun.inf which tends to affect the flash drives and computer drives. By default it will manipulate itself in the drive and start to corrupt and damage other file.

The easiest way to escape from this virus is to create a folder inside your flash drive or any computer drive for example drive:D and then rename that folder as autorun.inf do this to all your remaining drives and also to your flash drive since this will prevent the virus autorun.inf to be created on those drives since the computer cannot store two files with the same name in the same location then you will be probably protected from the virus.

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For a lot of us is easy to do the design in Adobe Photoshop and then do the 2D animation in Adobe Flash now Adobe has made easier for us to transfer file from PSD to FLA so that we can animate only in flash and do all our design in Photoshop by these simple stapes.

Go to file at the middle of the drop down menu you will see an option [import] select it and several other option will appear select [import to stage] after that a pop-up window will appear which will allow you to trace the location of your PSD file in the computer ready to transfer it into FLA.

Your advised during your design arrange your layers and folders in a proper way so it is easy to adjust when importing into different tools available in Flash.For more tutorials on Adobe products click here


There a lot of things you can do with Microsoft publisher but among them is to create your CV not in old style were you have to waste a lot of time and energy using Microsoft world.
Now by using default template which is already made in Microsoft publisher you can just edit the color and the font together with the contents as per your requirement and the work will look more professional and sophisticated..

Just open Microsoft Publisher inside the Microsoft Office content folder in the start-up menu the welcome page will open go straight on your left hand side of the window as you go down you will see an option written [resumes] select and from there several resumes templates will appear for more advanced options click one of the resumes and you can start to edit by changing color and fonts together with the contents as per your requirements.For more tutorials on Microsoft publisher click here

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